Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Chapter 3 - Has Graeme got talent?!

Well Hockey has started and you may have seen me at the first game- always bad news for someone. I always had the reputation - "not on my shift" in rugby but first game of Olympics blows that. Had 4 hours sleep on Sunday night sorting things out but hopefully there will be a happy ending.

The village is full now; even the Yanks are here - but no GBR athletics yet! Breakfast with Ryan Giggs and Craig Bellamy is commonplace. No sign of USB yet!  We did however have the Queen visit the Hockey accommodation with Prince Philip and Princess Anne. Sadly my Royal appointment will have to wait as her visit coincided with the Hockey Medical meeting so I missed it.
Wasn’t the Opening Ceremony Fab?! Having expected to watch it on TV from the village, we unexpectedly received the call-up to go and be in the audience - in some ways a better deal than the marching athletes who wait around until 10pm to meet and then waited 2 hours before coming in for the speeches!.

It was as good as it looked. We were behind Mr Bean and right next to Arctic Monkeys / Paul McCartney.  A few celebs came to meet me as picture three demonstrates.  Odd really, I was in Team GB gear and so she was interested in us as the centre of attention. I won’t disclose what she whispered in my ear when she found out I was a Doctor - not at least here!

PS on the team photo I am the parrot!

Dr Graeme Wilkes
Clinical Lead
Consultant in Sports & Exercise Medicine
Connect Physical Health

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