Monday, 11 June 2012

Get your go faster stripes this summer with Kinesio taping...

Connect are one of only a handful of clinics within the North East offering this innovative new taping technique.

Made popular by David Beckham, Lance Armstrong and the Serena Williams the tape is now synonymous with elite athletes wanting to manage injuries whilst still competing.

Kinesio taping works by 4 main functions:
  1. PAIN- Reduces pain by taking pressure off pain receptors
  2. LYMPHATIC- Eliminates lymphatic fluid haematomas beneath the skin
  3. JOINT - Adjusts mis-alignment to ais fascia and muscle function
  4. MUSCLE- Reconditions abnormal tension and strengthens the muscle.
Kinesio is effective for a range of sporting injuries including achilles tendonitis, plantarfasciitis, knee pain, tennis elbow and back pain. Your clinician will fully assess your injury and in addition to kinesio taping may offer a variety of treatments such as acupuncture, electrotherapy, massage and manipulation.

So whatever your injury, Connect's Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinics will have you strapped up and back in the game in no time!

Gosforth - 0191 213 5116
Durham & Low Fell - 0191 491 1808

Nick Livadas BSc MSc
Senior Physiotherapist & Approved Kinesio Practitioner
Connect Physical Health

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